The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University Supporting Student Leadership at Texas A&M University
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2017 - 2018

The Texas Alliance Foundation donated to the following Texas A&M student organizations:

The 12th Can { }

The heart of The 12th Can is simple: to serve those in need. Our mission is to eliminate food insecurity in the Aggie Community by being a resource for students, faculty, and staff, as an on-campus food pantry.

Sounding Rocketry { }

The Texas A&M University Sounding Rocketry Team (SRT) is an interdisciplinary student-run organization dedicated to developing engineering talent through design, construction, testing, and showcasing of complex rocket systems powered by hybrid rocket engines. Our goal is to develop our members into talented engineers by providing them with the necessary skills and tools to grow and succeed. Every day we aim to accomplish feats only thought possible in industry by incorporating professional design reviews, rigorous testing, and in-depth documentation of individual systems, hardware, and software.

Aggies Read { }

Aggies Read is a student outreach organization that is dedicated to promoting literacy and fostering a lifelong love of reading for elementary and middle school students in the local community. A&M student members travel to these local schools once a week or once every other week. From there, they will help start, facilitate and mentor book and reading clubs for students at these schools.

Within these book and reading clubs, students will practice reading and discussing various, high-interest works of literature appropriate to their age group. For younger students who are still learning to read, Aggies Read's members will read aloud in small groups. For the students who can read, they can read along or aloud with the A&M student member.