The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University Supporting Student Leadership at Texas A&M University
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2016 - 2017

The Texas Alliance Foundation donated to the following Texas A&M student organizations:

180 Degree Consulting { }

180 Degrees Consulting mission is to strengthen socially conscious organizations to achieve high impact social outcomes through the development of innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions. We connect passionate students with nonprofit organizations that need consulting advice yet cannot afford the cost of large consulting firms.

International Students Association { }

To identify and represent international students' interests, to promote international students' participation in the overall policy and decision making processes of the University, to form a communicative coalition with other organizations, and to promote the general welfare of the international student body.

Build { }

BUILD is a student led organization aimed at unifying Texas A&M's student body. Our goal is to connect students from all organizations, all academic colleges, and all corners of Texas A&M through a physically uniting effort. We encourage students to interact and work alongside each other throughout the processes of planning, organizing, and constructing the project. Our long-term vision is to build and send out portable medical clinics around the world in honor of those who lost their lives in the collapse of the Aggie Bonfire, as it was a tradition that pursued these same Aggie Core Values.

LT Jordan { }

The MSC Jordan Institute for International Awareness is a student and staff run committee of the Memorial Student Center (MSC). Members of the Jordan Institute serve on one of several subcommittees, each led by a student director. Each of our programs is produced by one of these subcommittees. Several internal subcommitees also exist to run the Jordan Institute.

Active involvement is encouraged to enhance international awareness and personal skills such as time management and communication. A student chairperson, a student vice chair, staff advisor, and associate staff ensure the smooth operation of the committee.