The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University Supporting Student Leadership at Texas A&M University
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2012 - 2013

The Texas Alliance Foundation donated to the following Texas A&M student organizations:

Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference { }

SBSLC serves as a forum for minority students, especially African American students, to discuss and develop potential solutions to the issues plaguing the minority community. SBSLC serves as a Texas A&M University tradition due to our 25 years of dedication to bringing in over 600 racially and ethnically diverse students and advisors from around the country to engage in intellectual discourse as well as partake in the Aggie spirit and values. Many of our conference participants are from two-year institutions in the state of Texas. Thus, SBSLC also serves as a window into the TAMU community and campus life, and presents Texas A&M University as an appealing and viable next step for these potential future Aggies. SBSLC is dedicated to ensuring diversity on the TAMU campus by providing an organization and conference that gives every current and prospective TAMU student, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, a chance to enhance and refine their leadership and networking skills.

Student Conference on National Affairs (SCONA) { }

SCONA is an annual collegiate conference that brings delegates from all over the nation and the world. Each year, SCONA discusses a different topic of national importance, giving delegates the chance to interact with the nation's highest academic scholars, government officials, and well-known public figures. Delegates also participate in the debate through facilitated roundtables that culminate in a policy paper. For 58 years, SCONA has contributed to the wellness of the University by promoting awareness of current events, broadening students' awareness, and educating them on vital matters.

MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference { }

The mission of MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference is to help Aggie students put their lives on a rock solid foundation, helping student establish their own value system that will allow them to positively face any life situation. Delegates are exposed to people and businesses that live and operate with strong moral, ethical, and community values. The values instilled into delegates on-conference are all in-line with Texas A&M's core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service. Delegates return to the university enriched and equipped to be men and women of character, enabling them to lead by example and encourage their peers to follow in the same path.