The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University Supporting Student Leadership at Texas A&M University
Texas Alliance Foundation Texas Alliance Foundation Logo supporting student leadership at Texas A&P University since 2003

2009 - 2010

The Texas Alliance Foundation donated to the following Texas A&M student organizations:

Gilbert Leadership Conference

The Gilbert Leadership Conference exists to serve the students of Texas A&M University by providing freshman the opportunity to develop themselves as leaders to network and interact with one another, and to understand the leadership opportunities that are available across campus to them in their time at A&M. In keeping with the traditions of Student Activities and Texas A&M University, the conference focuses on character, service, and involvement as well as to help better the student body of Texas A&M.

Aggies United

Aggies United is a group that supports a safe and friendly environment that facilitate interaction of the students on campus. No matter a person’s race, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation, we promote philanthropic events that bring people from different cultures together to help create an understanding of fellow Aggies. Aggie United aims to eliminate cultural divides to bring together all Aggies. The grant will be used send students to Bay St. Louis Mississippi to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

MSC Fall Leadership

The MSC Fall Leadership Committee strives to enrich the student leaders of Texas A&M University through opportunities for self-exploration, learning, and networking. Through FLC, we acquaint student leaders with faculty, staff, administrators, and former students. We strive to build a productive relationship between current and former students. We help students define themselves as leaders and as members of the Texas A&M community.