The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University The Texas Alliance Foundation Supports  Student Leadership at Texas A&M University Supporting Student Leadership at Texas A&M University
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2007 - 2008

The Texas Alliance Foundation donated to the following Texas A&M student organizations:

Texas A&M Women's Leadership Conference

Texas A&M Women's Leadership Conference is a student organization formed to host an annual women's leadership conference at Texas A&M. The mission is to advance the learning and the empowerment of it delegates by equipping delegates with effective leadership theory, as to better understand and shape their circles of influence and concern, and by developing strong, supportive network of female leaders amongst current and former students leaders, to promote intellectual and physical resource support. The WLC will use the grant to fund the first annual 2008 Texas A&M Women's Leadership Conference on Saturday November 15th, 2008

Aggie International Ambassadors

The mission of Aggie International Ambassadors is to bring together both American and International students who work to bring International awareness and respect to the Texas A&M Community. AIA is the only organization that encourages the interaction between both American and international students. AIA is using the grant to host a Spring Forum on Energy Conservation with several high profile speakers including Congressman Joe Barton, several college professors, students, and a representative from an oil company.

Bilingual Education Student Organization

The mission for the Bilingual Education Student Organization (BESO) is to foster the enhancement of bilingual education. They strive to become fully certified Bilingual Teachers and serve as a professional association for supporters of diversity and bilingual education. As an organization they advocate for language minority students to maintain their native language and master English while succeeding academically. BESO is using the grant to send several students to the statewide conference.


MSC LEAD is an advanced leadership organization for Aggie sophomores. They seek to develop sophomores by taking the basic principles of leadership learned during freshman year and translate those principles into action. MSC LEAD produces several external programs that target underrepresented eighth, ninth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students that generally would not consider college as an option for their future. MSC LEAD is a unique organization as it is only one of two designed for sophomores. MSC LEAD is using the grant to fund their Sophomore Leadership Conference and the annual "Aggies Reach Out" trip to promote higher education among 8th graders.